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From Darrell DeBoer <>
Subject Re: Tar base directory question
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2002 13:57:32 GMT
Hi Tom,
<tar tarfile="xxx">
    <tarfileset dir="{parent dir of dist}">
        <include name="dist/**" />
should do what you want.

hope this helps

Unfortunately, there's no "prefix" attribute on tarfileset, as there is with 
zipfileset, so you'll need a workaround. 
On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 03:25, wrote:
> I'm trying to create a tar ball with a specific base directory
> included in the tar file.  For example, I have a "dist" directory
> that I want to tar for distribution.  However, when I set
> the base directory as "dist", I get the files in the dist
> directory, but tar does include "dist" as part of the
> file path.  So when users extract the tar, all the files
> end up in the directory where it was extracted.  What I
> want is to have "dist" as the base directory inside the
> tar.  For Example:
> dist/jdom.jar
> dist/html/index.html
> etc.
> instead of:
> jdom.jar
> html/index.html
> No matter what I set base dir or tarfileset to, I can't get the
> tar task to include the base directory.  Any suggestions on
> how to fix this problem?  I've searched the web, the archives,
> and news groups without any luck.  Thanks.
> -Tom

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