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From Stefan Palme <>
Subject executing tasks ala make
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:01:23 GMT


i have a build file, that defines a target "all", that
"compiles" all my java-files into class-files (via the
javac-task). i want to execute a given task (defined via taskdef)
on every file (i want to run a beautifier on it) before javac
compiles it. I DON'T(!) want the beautifier to run over *all*
java-files, but only over the files, that are actually compiled
by javac. (i.e. I need a make-file-style dependency tracking).

how to do this?


Dipl. Inf. (FH) Stefan Palme

phon:  +49 341 3910484
fax:   +49 1212 517956219

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