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From Bill Winspur <>
Subject Re: javac task
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 05:43:37 GMT

> personally, i'm getting kinda confused as to why people would need
> duplicate class files in the same build tree.  Refactoring and XP
> tends to lean towards "OnceAndOnlyOnce", and i've reached the point
> of applying that at the file level as much as at the method level.
> If multiple packages need some of the same utilities, i refactor
> the utility stuff into its own build tree and have the other builds
> reference it either by a classpath ref or by copying a "dist" jar
> file into the classpath.

Makes sense to me, especially since I adopted an editor 
(IDEA from Intellij) that makes refactoring cheap and immune
to dumb errors. There may be others that are free.


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