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From Bill Winspur <>
Subject Re: Compiling files 1 at a time
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 15:13:08 GMT
I usually split my work into an app, with client, applet, servlet, and ejb
source trees, plus libraries for things like classes common to ejbs and
servlets, classes common to clients and applets, etc. I use one ant script
driven by a properties file to build the library jars, and one to build
enterprise apps (wars ears and ejb-jars).

Recompile of a lib and build of its jar takes 5 or 6 seconds in most cases.
Rebuild of an enterprise  app, recompiling everything and rebuild of all
lib, app, ear, war and client jars usually takes less than 20 seconds. I run
a 500Mhz wintel box, NT4 sp6, 256 mb ram, with, jdk 1.3.1_02. I dont even
use jikes. Often I have several java appps running, i.e. orion, Jedit, two
or three copies of IDEA, and ant. On a busy network, rebuild sometimes gets
up to 30 seconds. Thats fast enough for me, but I admit am tempted to get a
512 1+GHz. box to speed even that up.

Another developer did compiles one at time in an NT script, and went from 6
minute builds to 20 seconds using one javac invocation for the whole lot,
after seeing my script run (he stayed with nt scripts tho :-0 ?).

I find the listing of error codes via ant on the nt console is adequate to
go back into my ide and fix the code. When I get a clean compile of all the
source in my ide, i do a rebuild with ant. I discard the ide compiler

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From: "Paul Franz" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 6:51 AM
Subject: Compiling files 1 at a time

> I just checked the source code for Ant (v1.3.1) and it looks like it
gathers the collection of files together and then passes the whole
collection on to the compiler. I was wondering if there was work-around or
whatever that would allow me to have the files compiled 1 at a time.
Therefore if there was an error as much of the system would compile as
possible. Currently if I get a single error the whole build has to be thrown
out the window. Since it is un-usable. I am thinking to switch to Ant from
my make-based system to solve the above. But currently, it looks like Ant
will not solve my problem and I will need to create my own Javac compiler
> Paul Franz
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