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From "Jeff Vincent" <>
Subject Netbeans/ANT integration and classpath issue
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 00:04:37 GMT
Could someone please explain something to me.  I am trying to use ANT
for the first time as it exists in the NetBeans 3.3.1 integrated
environment (ANT 1.4.1?).

I am trying to use it to generate source from an ANTLR '.g' file using
the ANTLR task.  However it tells me "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
antlr/Tool".  If I go to a shell and set my CLASSPATH to the antlr.jar
file and run NetBeans from the shell, it works fine. 

However, I don't have to do this for anything else I am building
because NetBeans seems to build the local CLASSPATH equivalent from  the
JDK directory + mounted filesystems.  The ANTLR task within ANT (and ANT
itself?) seems to ignore or not use any of the netbeans
properties/paths.   I have even built a jar file with ALL antlr classes
and put it in the
directory.  I even copied it to all the lib and ext directories.  I just
seems to ignore everything but the shell's CLASSPATH environment

I have also tried monkeying with some of the properties within the ANT
project itself but with no luck.  I may be doing it wrong also.  How can
I force the ANTLR task within ANT to use either the netbeans class path
properties or change the classpath so that it will find antlr.jar so I
don't have to change the default class path every time.

I have seen references to using a JAVA task w/ fork and setting the
classpath that way, but I would like to use the ANTLR task if it is
possible.  Can anyone enlighten me on how to do it?



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