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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Compiling files 1 at a time
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:49:30 GMT
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Paul Franz <> wrote:

> I just checked the source code for Ant (v1.3.1) and it looks like it
> gathers the collection of files together and then passes the whole
> collection on to the compiler.

Ant does that, yes (but there is no such thing as Ant 1.3.1, I guess
this is a typo).

> I was wondering if there was work-around or whatever that would
> allow me to have the files compiled 1 at a time.

You don't really want to do that 8-)

What you describe is a "feature" of JDK 1.3's compiler.  The compiler
of JDK 1.2 or jikes or most other compilers will happily compile all
classes they can compile, even if there are compilation errors in some
of them.

So one option was to use a different compiler.  "jikes" is recommended
by many people, "classic" is another option if you are not using JDK

The other option is to write a compiler adapter of your own, that
doesn't pass the files to the compiler all at once, but splits it into
single compiler invocations.  This shouldn't be too difficult to do
either, but will degrade performance significantly.


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