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From stephan beal <>
Subject Re: newbie ant user: creating a skeleton build.xml?
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:00:17 GMT
On Tuesday 05 February 2002 18:47 pm, Steve wrote:
> > The bit about adding the filenames to the file - but i must admit that i
> am *assuming* that that's part of the process (i was weened on make, 
>> so my mind-set is probably a bit broken when it comes to ant). 
>> i'd be happy to be  wrong!
> you're wrong :)

Thank goodness! ;)

> you just need all your classes in a directory tree which matches your app,
> say de.einsurance.myproject.{model,view,controller}
> point ant at the tree and all your files get dealt with automatically.

whew! i was not looking forward to maintaing a list of files which changes 
every day.

> Unless you really want to list every file by name.

Not particularly. i'm used to make constructs like this:
CLASSES := $(patsubst,%,$(wildcard *.java))

> Same for classpath import, "*.jar" adds all jar files in a directory to the
> classpath, which is often useful during compilation too, though a more
> rigorous dev process does tend to name each jar they use instead.

Yeah, we've found the hard way that we have to reference jars by name, due to 
different versions used in different products :/.

Thanks very much for your tips! i think i can take it from there! i was 
overcomplicating the whole matter, still thinking in terms of one makefile 
per subdir.

see ya!

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