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From stephan beal <>
Subject Fwd: newbie ant user: creating a skeleton build.xml?
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 17:21:12 GMT
Hello, anters,

i'm a complete newbie to ant, but not a newbie user. i've just been given the
task (no pun intented) of converting our company's make-based builds into ant
(~2500 classes in 500-some-odd packages). i've searched high and low and can
find no tool for generating a skeleton build.xml for an existing dir
structure. i refuse to believe that developers actually create that stuff
from scratch by hand all the time...

i tried out antidote (CVS version, as of this afternoon), but it (apparently)
doesn't offer a way of building a skeleton build.xml.

So, my quesions:
a) is there a tool for this?
b) where is it? i keep running into dead ends and "obscure hints with no
hyperlinks" in all of the docs i've come across so far.

i don't mind writing such a tool, i just find it hard to believe that
nobody's done this yet, and even harder to believe that i can't find a
reference to it.

i'm hoping that this question is like the question "how do i set up a CVS
server?" and that the answer is simply so simple that nobody has ever
bothered to document it anywhere.

(PS: i'm a typical lazy programmer who refuses to do by hand what a computer
can be coerced into to doing for me. :)

Thanks very much in advance, and take care,

----- stephan
Generic Universal Computer Guy -
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