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Subject Deploying to web server
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 16:13:26 GMT

Our Java source code (and ant buildfiles) are archived centrally and
pulled down onto various machines using CVS.  One thing we'd like to
be able to do is to deploy .wars and .ears to the appropriate web server
or EJB server once they've been built.  However, the location of the
web server/EJB server will vary from machine to machine --- and even
between different servers on the same machine (one time I may want to
deploy to WebSphere, another time to IPlanet).

One idea we have for dealing with this issue is to define environment
variables such as $IPLANETDIR and $WEBSPHEREDIR on each
machine, and letting the wrapper script for ant pick up those values and
pass them to ant.  This will work, but it requires the introduction and
maintenance of several (and looking into the future, perhaps MANY)
environment variables, which we're not crazy about.  Nor are we crazy
about the prospect of keeping the ant wrapper up to date with all of the
environment variables.

Another suggestion is a two-step process, which would have ant deliver
all .wars and .ears to some "canonical" location on each machine (and yet
to be determined --- ''?).  The actual deployment to the web
server/EJB server would happen in a second step, probably without the
help of ant.

How do others deal with this issue?



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