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From Chuck Stern <>
Subject Ant 1.5, JDepend task doesn't support the "format" attribute
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 13:09:03 GMT

I'm trying to use the jdepend task with the latest build (1.5 alpha) ant the
latest optional.jar.  I'm getting the following error message:

	The <jdepend> task doesn't support the "format" attribute.

My task looks like this:
<target name="jdepends" depends="init" >
        <property name="depends.dir" value="${lib.dir}/docs/jdepends" />
        <mkdir dir="${depends.dir}" />

        <jdepend outputfile="${depends.dir}/jdepend.xml" fork="yes"
                <pathelement location="${}" />
                <path refid="app.classpath"/>
                <pathelement location="${jdepend.jar}" />

The docs say this should work and I see the format definition in the source.
Any ideas?


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