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From "Ylan Segal" <>
Subject RE: Howto: add an entry in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF using ejbjar?
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 16:56:52 GMT

> Nonetheless, what I ended up doing is creating a template
> manifest and used
> the token <replace> task to generate a manifest.  Using <ejbjar> and the
> "manifest=.../path_to_my_manifest/MANIFEST.MF"" worked for me.
> It's not the most elegant solution, but it does work.
I am not sure if this will help you guys, but the jar task can have a nested
manifest in it, which will make the MANIFEST.MF file for you. Now, this is
not documented in the ant 1.4.1 manual, but it works nonetheless. I am
guessing that ejbjar extends jar and thus also has this option available
(but you would have to check this).
I do not use ejb's, but this is how I use it.

	<jar jarfile="${dist.home}/xxx.jar">
		<fileset dir="${}">
			.... fileset stuff....
			<section name="SectionName">
			<attribute name="SomeStuff" value="aValue"/>
			<attribute name="OtherStuff" value="${"/>

Give a try, it seems to me a better solution than using replace.

Happy Debugging!.

Ylan Segal.

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