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From "Rollo, Dan" <>
Subject RE: Any Windows experts out there????
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:13:21 GMT
Hi Kevin,

Not sure if it's the same on W2K, but on NT we had problems with the
capitalization of the PATH environment variable and tcsh. Basically, we had
to use the equivalent of ${myenv.Path} from a DOS shell, but if running from
within tcsh, we could only read the path in Ant using ${myenv.PATH}, still
dunno why.

Our solution was to add the following property, which only sets the
${myenv.Path} if it was not readable using "Path":
<property name="env.Path" value="${env.PATH}"/>

Hope this helps,

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Toomey []
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 12:27 AM
Subject: Any Windows experts out there????

Does anyone know why Ant running under a Service on W2K might not have
access to all environment variables (specifically Path)?

The following target gets different results depending on if it is run
from a command prompt or within a service:

<target name="testpath" >
<property environment="myenv" />
<echo message="PATH = ${myenv.Path}" />

If I run Ant in a command prompt, I get:

[property] Loading Environment myenv.
Setting project property: myenv.HOMEDRIVE -> c:
Setting project property: myenv.JAVA_HOME -> d:\programs\jdk1.3.1_02
Setting project property: myenv.Path ->
[echo] PATH =

If I run Ant from within a Service, I get:

Setting project property: myenv.JAVA_HOME -> d:\programs\jdk1.3.1_02
(all the same properties from above, except for Path)

Property ${myenv.Path} has not been set
[echo] PATH = ${myenv.Path}

Any ideas?????? 


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