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From Phil Surette <>
Subject RE: Central list of additional Ask tasks, somewhere?
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 15:05:47 GMT
Here's the list of ant-related projects that I'm
aware of:

This list is culled from a project that I've
been working on which goes out and
grabs all of the ant projects that I'm aware of
and creates a distribution of ant with everything
necessary stuffed into ant/lib and ant/bin. It also tries
to build unified html documentation.

The idea was to put this into a sourceforge
project called 'anthill' but another group
released a product called anthill so I need
a new name. The other anthill seems to be similar
to cruisecontrol. It is a continuous integration
tool that grabs stuff from cvs and builds it
on a regular basis.

As for a place to contribute tasks, I think
sourceforge/projects/ant-contrib is set up for this.
I'm unsure what the process is for joining though.
I've got some jython tasks I'd like to add soon.

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From: Otto Perdeck []
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 6:34 AM
Subject: Central list of additional Ask tasks, somewhere?


Is someone keeping a central list of unofficial, additional free or public
domain Ant tasks?

We've had a need for additional Ant tasks on several occasions, and
sometimes I was able to find something on the internet, but often not, in
which case we brew something ourselves. I would love to make these available
to others as well, but where? Just dumping on my personal homepage doesn't
seem to be the best solution...


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