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From Mike Kaufman <>
Subject RE: Setting environment variables for a javac task
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 22:11:43 GMT

> --- Mike Kaufman <> wrote:
> > > I need to have a single ant target do multiple javac tasks, 
> > > some of which use JDK 1.4, others that use JDK 1.3.  Setting 
> > > the "build.compiler" property did not seem to work for me.  
> I think you'd need to break your single target into separate 
> targets --
> one for the 1.3 stuff and one for the 1.4 -- then use 
> <antcall>, passing
> build.compiler (or maybe java.home? -- I only have 1.3 and jikes, so I
> can't say for sure) as a <param>.

Thanks a lot.  I'll try that.  Where is the latest Ant documentation?  The
stuff at seems a little

> > > Moreover, it isn't clear to me what this build.compiler 
> > > setting is really doing.  
> build.compiler says which compiler to use -- see the choices 
> on the Javac
> page in the doc.

Believe it or not, I read the docs.  Unfortunately, I found them pretty
vague.  For example, how does ant find the compiler you specify?  What if
the specified compiler is not available?  

I imagine that what is really going on is the build.compiler property
specifies the specific *ant class* to use to set up the command-line call to
do the compiler. The specific compiler that is actually used is probably
found by searching your system path for the command specified by the
build.compiler class.   

If I am correct in my conjecture, I imagine that somewhere in the <javac>
task, the functionality of the <exec> tag is being leveraged.  Now, <exec>
supports <env> tags which I could use to achieve my goal, but I have no idea
if I can leverage those <env> tags from a <javac> tag.


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