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From "Dowd, Brian" <bd...@lehman.COM>
Subject parallel creation of ejbs in weblogic ant target ? How to ?
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 12:01:01 GMT
Hi All,
    I have target for creating a single EJB (be it X.jar, Y.jar etc),
withing WL 6.1, ant 1.4
it uses the -Dname=EJB_NAME  type of construct to pass in the name of the
EJB to
create, there is also an "ejbs" target which does the following

<antcall target="ejb"<param name="X"></antcall>
<antcall target="ejb"<param name="X"></antcall>
<antcall target="ejb"<param name="X"></antcall>

Now, I wish to make these work in parallel, but merely wrapping a <parallel>
tag around them fails
because weblogic's ejbc command which ejbjar/weblogic runs creates a temp
directory called
"ejbcgen" and then removes it once this is done (so only the first EJB to
finish being compiled
works as all of the others have got parts of their "ejbcgen" directory
removed ...)

Has anyone done this ?  Is there any work around to this weblogic ejbcgen
being removed ?

Any help much appreciated

Brian Dowd (
Global Volatility Convertible Bonds Technology
phone: 020 7260 1375

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