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From Mark Derricutt <>
Subject Wars and filesets....
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:26:18 GMT
Two questions,

as part of my build, I want to to make two war files, that are exactly the 
same, except for the contents of 1-2 files.  The first one is my web.xml 

I want to build two wars which have different servlet init params, now, I 
could do with this having two web.xml files, and using each in the 
respective call, but would rather have one web.xml, that I could store a 
${property} in, and have that expanded and -then- stored in the war file. 
Is this possible?

The other file is my log4j properties, I have three files,,, 
These have various settings for the different logging settings we want, in 
each of my targets (localqa, qa, release) I set a property "log4j.props" to 
the filename to be used in each.  In the dist target, I copy ${log4j.props} 
to "" and include that in the war file, however, sometimes 
I'm noticing its not copying properly, is it possible to have some kind of 
"include-file-as" feature?  If I could do the above web.xml expansion this 
wouldn't be a problem, as I could set the init parameters to {$log4j.props}.



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