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From <>
Subject RE: mimeMail task
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 19:40:20 GMT

> The file that I want to send definitely exists but the 
> contents of the email
> when I receive it are as follows .....


> and thats it. Is there any known bug in the mimeMail task ?

If I remember correctly I had the same problem a while ago, you 
specify the messageFile but it's not attached.  It's not a bug 
(I think ;) ).

This is what I found solves it, and as an added bonus you can use 
it to attached the build.xml, junit.xml results (if ever needed) 
and also attach the build.log along with other files.

        <!-- email all the files in the reports directory -->
        <mimemail messageMimeType="text/html"
                  subject="some subject"
            <fileset dir="${reports}">
                <include name="*"/>

The important bit is the <fileset> to include the file that you want 
to be the messageFile.

Hope that sorts things out, if not, drop a message to the list and 
I'll see if I can recreate the problem.


Andrew Beacock
Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead
Nokia Mobile Phones

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