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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject RE: newbie ant user: creating a skeleton build.xml?
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:36:46 GMT
At 06:28 PM 05/02/02, you wrote:
> > i'm a complete newbie to ant, but not a newbie user. i've
> > just been given the
> > task (no pun intented) of converting our company's make-based
> > builds into ant
> > (~2500 classes in 500-some-odd packages). i've searched high
> > and low and can
> > find no tool for generating a skeleton build.xml for an existing dir
> > structure.
>Why should you need to? If your existing directory structure is 
>appropriate, you can have one short build file that builds everything.

To add to this, see my example. We've "only" got 500 classes or so at the 
moment, but I expect we'll add at least another 700 or so before delivery. 
I don't anticipate having to make major changes to the build file, although 
the number of packages will increase by at least 30+.

Note that the actual compile task is the following:
   <target name="compile" depends="copy_src">
         <echo>Compiles all. Let the compiler sort it out.</echo>

... which is not very complicated. The only real trouble I had while 
setting it up was making sure that the source files were copied to the 
right place - not a problem you'll have if the other developers have the 
directory structures set up right.

Anyway, hope the build file is of use. A word of warning - the preclean 
task deletes EVERYTHING...


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