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From Drew Davidson <>
Subject Re: Determine target's name
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:11:01 GMT
Diane Holt wrote:

> --- Drew Davidson <> wrote:
> > Well if you want to reduce the maintenance burden then rm -fr * the
> > whole repository.
> >
> > Ok, that was rude.
> [Additional barking deleted]
> Yes, it was -- but then, so was all the rest, so why single that one out?

I don't believe the rest of the post was rude, only that one comment, and that
was a joke (should have put :-) perhaps).  The rest is a rational explanation
of what I feel is going on with ant development.

> Recommendation: Recall the honey/vinegar adage and resubmit your proposal
> a bit more graciously. People working on open-source projects do it for
> free, in their (usually exceedingly limited) free time, and the last thing
> they need is some snippy snide little rant being thrown at them.

This proposal for determining target at runtime occurs extremely often on the
list and it shot down every time for what I see is no good reason; that is the
frustration that I feel.  You are now entering a new excuse: we don't have the
time to do it right, so be grateful for what you are getting and shut up with
your annoying comments.  Thanks, Diane.  I believe that I will shut up about
this from now on.

I'm giving up on trying to use ant directly, BTW (i.e hand-writing ant build
files).  I am writing a templating preprocessor that will give me the
functionality that I need that will output Ant XML and run that for the
build.  I am also able to determine the build target at runtime :-)

- Drew

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