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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Ant, SAX Parser and Internationalization
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:35:07 GMT
Smiley, Paul wrote:

> "...really use UTF-8" - am I not using UTF-8 when using 'encoding="UTF-8"'?
> Is there some type of byte mark as there is with UTF-16?
> Also, I need to support Kanji and Chinese characters, so I believe that
> UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 are inadequate. Any suggestions?
> _Paul

UTF-8 is an encoding for Unicode characters into an 8bit stream. Not all 
byte sequences are legal under UTF-8. Simply adding encoding="UTF-8" 
doesn't make it UTF-8. You need an editor which is capable of writing 
out UTF-8 (I use jEdit for that).

UTF-8, being an 8bit encoding for Unicode, can represent all Unicode 
characters so it is fine for Chinese, etc.


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