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From Mark Derricutt <>
Subject Re: Ant + CVS - fail build on errors...
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 20:40:23 GMT
Hi, mmm, the docs for the cvs tag don't mention a failonerror attribute, so 
didn't know it was there.  Also, the reason I mentioned the 
MSG_WARN/MSG_ERROR idea was that I was thinking the messages from cvs might 
have been only being MSG_WARN, and not triggering a fail...

--On Thursday, February 14, 2002 17:54:40 +0100 Stefan Bodewig 
<> wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Mark Derricutt <> wrote:
>> As part of my qa release target, I'm using <cvs/> to tag my source
>> code with the timestamp, only, if various files are modified in the
>> source base, cvs will fail to tag and exit, is it possible to get
>> ant to recognise this failure and abort the build process?
> <cvs> has a failonerror attribute (since Ant 1.4) that should be used
> for this.
>> Looking at the online ant manual, I see:
>>     error  the file to direct standard error from the command.  No,
>>     default error to ANT Log as MSG_WARN
>> Is it possible to get it to do errors ans MSG_ERROR (I'm guessing
>> this constant?).
> MSG_WARN and MSG_ERROR are constants that get interpreted by the build
> listeners, nothing more.  With Ant's default logger, you won't see any
> output with a priority lower than MSG_WARN, when you use the -quiet
> switch.  But there is nothing that divides WARN from ERROR.
> How would a change like this solve your problem?
> Stefan
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