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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Determine target's name
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 22:24:20 GMT
--- Drew Davidson <> wrote:
> I don't believe the rest of the post was rude, only that one comment,
> and that was a joke (should have put :-) perhaps).

I doubt a smiley would've done much to change it from being exactly what
it was: a snide little swipe at us because we don't want to just add (and
then have to maintain) everything people ask for. Working on this takes
*time* -- whether you choose to acknowledge that or not. And you're
benefitting from that time we choose to spend on it -- whether you choose
to acknowledge *that* or not -- so trying to get us to accommodate your
request by ranting that we're all lame seems a bit counterproductive,
don't you think?

> The rest is a rational explanation of what I feel is going on with ant
> development.

Oh yes? Here's some of the juicier stuff from your "rational explanation":
...a lame excuse
...chaotic unorganized piles of junk
..."hack in" stuff
...a toy
...dive in and start hacking
...if you don't have time to do it right
...the committers (and their shills)
...with a "shut up" flair

> > Recommendation: Recall the honey/vinegar adage and resubmit your
> > proposal a bit more graciously. 
> This proposal for determining target at runtime occurs extremely often
> on the list and it shot down every time for what I see is no good
> reason; that is the frustration that I feel.

So work your frustration out in some more positive way instead of
directing it at us -- then try to present an -actual- rational proposal.

> You are now entering a new excuse: we don't have the time to do it
> right, so be grateful for what you are getting and shut up with
> your annoying comments.

How in the world do you manage to get "shut up" from "resubmit your

> I am writing a templating preprocessor that will give me the
> functionality that I need that will output Ant XML and run that for the
> build.  I am also able to determine the build target at runtime :-)

Excellent -- then we've successfully provided you with a tool, and not a
"toy", that allows you to do what you need to.



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