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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Getting the filename from a property
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 04:45:54 GMT
--- Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> And folks can tell by looking at the <script> and <pathconvert> examples
> you've provided what they are supposed to be doing?!  :)

I think so.  I mean, if you read <map from="..." to="..."/>, that says
something. You might not know exactly what it means, but it -reads- anyway
-- much more so than {property,file,filename}, which (no offense right
back at ya) doesn't say anything (to me anyway). It's just this odd
comma-separated list that I'm not sure what it's supposed to do.

> Well, the above syntax was just thrown out as food for thought.
> MessageFormat is a java.text API that allows parameterized substitutions
> into strings.  Its used for localization primarily, but is a great trick
> for just having parameterized stuff.  For example:
> error.message=Oops, you did not specify {0}
> in a properties file allows programatic substitution of {0}.

Okay, this at least says something. The "{0}" is a little obscure, but no
more so than seeing a "$1" in shell-script or a variable name in a program
(or Javascript, etc.). So if you were thinking of allowing something like:
then I'd probably be more amenable to it.

> The "scripty" stuff you post is far more convoluted and wacky

A-hem... I beg your pardon -- I don't think any of my offerings are
convoluted, or wacky (or even whacky :)  They might be "scripty", what
with being <script>'s and all, but they're very -straightforward- scripts.

> (and just flat out not the way Ant should be done)

I disagree. I don't see all that much difference between coding up a
<script> task in Javascript versus coding up a task in Java. The former's
easier for me to whip out, since, while I don't know Javascript any more
than I do Java, at least I don't have to go through doing compiles while
I'm working it out :)

> - again, no offense intended,

Well... you've gotten pretty borderline there, but, I guess I'll forgive
you, this time :)



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