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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Getting the filename from a property
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 04:02:26 GMT
--- Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> Good grief!  :)

Hey, I didn't have any coffee today, okay?  :)

> We gotta make things like this simpler,

I agree.

> perhaps with special property syntax similar to how MessageFormat stuff
> works.
> ${propertyname,file,filename}

I don't know anything about MessageFormat (and no time to look it up right
now), so I'm not entirely sure what the above examples is supposed to be
doing -- but I think I'd disagree with it, just on that fact alone (ie., I
can't tell just by looking at it). I think Ant works best when it avoids
weird constructions like that that you can't just read and get an idea of
what it's doing, even if you don't really know anything about it. IOW, if
I don't for sure what <property name="somename" value="somevalue"/> is
doing, it's still at least pretty clear that there's some assignment going

Anyway, with that said... I've been wanting to try and contribute an
original task for quite awhile, but my first one, <requires> (specified a
required version of Ant or bailed), went over like a lead balloon, and
then someone else beat me to <cat> (which I think should get committed,
but I keep spacing on asking whether the rest of the committers agree), so
I've just whipped up <basename> and <dirname>. (Okay, so they're
incredibly simple, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere :)

I'll stick it out on ant-dev and see if these little guys can actually
make it in.

P.S. To the original poster of this thread -- if you want them, I can send
them to you in a jar, and you can just <taskdef> them and be off and



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