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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Ant-Property-Classpath
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 08:25:04 GMT
[Note: This type of question should go to ant-user, not ant-dev; I've
redirected it to that list.]

--- ram g <> wrote:
> I have a a set of build files that use proeprty tags to define
> classpath, tomacthome,utility dirs that i use while building .jar files
> and so on.
> I attempted re-structuring the build code, by removing repetitive tags
> and code.
> So created a include.xml file in the root moved these property tags to
> this file.
> Modified the other builds to invoke this root\include.xml in their init 
> target.
> When i tried executing the build, it failed saying the property values
> that i had set in the root\include.xml are invalid.

You can pass properties down, but not up.

> What do i do to make my property tag settings @ root stay valid in all 
> subsequent build files ?

If you don't intend to ever run the sub-project buildfiles themselves,
then just always have the "root" buildfile run them (name your sub-project
buildfiles something other than build.xml, if you want to execute 'ant'
from a subdir but still have it run against the "root" buildfile [see the
"-find" option).

If you do intend to let your sub-project buildfiles be run independently,
then you can either go with the "entity include" described in the FAQ at:
or, if you're worried about getting lost in a maze of relative paths, you
could put your global properties in a property file, and have each
buildfile read that file in, using:
  <property file="<global_properties_filename>"/>



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