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From Jens Askengren <>
Subject RE: Compiling files 1 at a time
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:18:50 GMT
tis 2002-02-26 klockan 14.56 skrev Jon Skeet:

> > Currently if I get a single error the whole build 
> > has to be thrown out the window. Since it is un-usable. I am 
> > thinking to switch to Ant from my make-based system to solve 
> > the above. But currently, it looks like Ant will not solve my 
> > problem and I will need to create my own Javac compiler wrapper.
> If you change your source code after fixing one compiler error, 
> you *should* rebuild everything related to that anyway - otherwise 
> subtle dependencies like constants might not be apparent.

Something like "make -k" would be quite useful. 
Especially in the beginning of the developement when you have 
a course implementation (top-down) and need to compile as much as
possible just to fix the syntatical errors. 

> If you can, define some boundaries between projects so you can 
> compile a "base" or "common" project first, then another project 
> which depends upon that one, etc. That should keep your compile
> times down, if that's what you're worried about. (Compile times
> have really come down a lot in the last couple of years anyway
> - are you sure this is *really* a problem?)

It's not really compile time that is the problem, but the rather
inefficient developement cycle: You compile few files and fix few errors
rather than compile lots of files and fix the errors without need to
recompile every singel fil and its (possibly) changed dependencies.


Jens Askengren

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