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From Rubun Tang <>
Subject location problem
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:26:35 GMT
Hi All,

I'm trying to run a task in a component build.xml through an antcall in a
master build.xml. What I want to do is, if I decide to test just one
component, I could just go into that component's dir and do "ant test" with
the component's build.xml. And if I want to test the whole component suite,
I could go to the top level and do "ant test" with the main build.xml. The
problem is, there's some location dependencies in the test target. It works
fine in the component level, but if I call it at the top level, the location
references become all screw up and couldn't run. Is there anyway I could
preserve the location reference in the component level build.xml when I do
an "antcall" from the top level? In other word, can I execute the antcall
such that it start just like it's in the component level?

Thanks in advance.

Rubun Tang

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