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From Martin van Wieringen <>
Subject RE: W2000 SP1 Delete of directory fails
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 08:18:26 GMT
Hi Jim Cheesman,

> >
> >Anyway which service Pack are you running with on windows
> 2000? Perhaps a
> >new servicepack fixes this windows 2000 feature.
> >
> >Does anybody got any idea how to prevent windows 2000 from locking
> >directories?.
> I get this intermittently, too. The
> shut-down-all-applications-and-try-again approach usually
> does the trick,
> though sometimes not... In those cases, opening cmd and doing
> it "manually"
> often works.

OK, but most of the time I cannot shut down all applications because one 
application is monitering a task which I am running on the server. If I 
kill the monitering application then I have to redo the task all again. The 
task can take 2 days on the server before it is finished. I do some java 
development in the mean time. However now I am running into the directory 
locking problem.

> Why? Who knows!

Which servicepack on windows 2000 are you running?

> Ask Bill!

Yes, Bill what was it again? Trustworthy computing?.


Martin van Wieringen

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