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From Gary Lawrence Murphy <>
Subject Re: tutorials on junitreport?
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 05:43:27 GMT

I'm not at all certain what I've done, but I've lost junit support
again :( I may have accidentally depended on a CLASSPATH environment
variable that is no longer defined the same way.  Java can drive you
nuts sometimes.

1) the output of ant -v -v -v -debug test defined +User task: values
   and "junit" never appears in that list; should it? junitreport does.

2) Is there some other means to tell what optional packages are installed
   or whether my optional-packages actually includes junit support?

3) can this error occur because some other jar file is out of sync with
   junit or junit is out of sync with ant -- I've tried the same junit
   I used successfully before and the newer 3.7 and get the same results.

The debug flags give no other clues; the only diagnostics I get is the
dreaded "Could not create task of type: junit" and the fact that the
string "junit" appears no where outside of the mention of

Gary Lawrence Murphy <> TeleDynamics Communications Inc
What happens on Groundhog Day?
"There are many things which do not concern the process" --- Joan of Arc

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