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From Gary Lawrence Murphy <>
Subject Re: Debug compile property is driving me nuts
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 03:50:30 GMT
>>>>> "S" == Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

    S> Don't know where you've found that build.compile.debug
    S> property, it has never been part of Ant.

I don't doubt that; could it be that in the past Ant had the debug
option set "on" by default?  I don't know, and it doesn't matter
much now that I know ... and now that I know the mailing list now
records the fix for posterity ;)

For what it's worth, though, build.debug appears in the patch mentioned

and build.compiler.debug is specifically in "Common Build Options" of

admittedly not authoritative sources and probably taken out of context
but just so you know I wasn't hallucinating again ;)

Gary Lawrence Murphy <> TeleDynamics Communications Inc
What happens on Groundhog Day?
"There are many things which do not concern the process" --- Joan of Arc

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