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From Stephen Charles Huey <>
Subject Ant config?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:20:39 GMT
Okay, I've been trying to get Netcomponent's optional ftp task to work,
and I went over to one of there mailing lists, but someone was pretty sure
my problem was just an Ant config one.  He was a Linux user, and threw the
simple ftp task tag block from my buildfile.xml into some of his code, and
it successfully attempted to open a connection to my server.  So, we've
established that I didn't make an error there.

However, I've posted on here lately, and I've tried all the suggestions,
but still nothing works.  I successfully set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME (for
some reason, I have to reset JAVA_HOME every time Windows boots, but not
ANT_HOME) every time, and I don't have any spaces in the paths to those
locations.  None at all.  I've never been able to set the PATH like it
says in the Ant manual (the 3rd instruction of what to set), but I've
never needed it to use Ant to compile some Java files.  (It always
generates the error "Too many parameters" when I try to do it--I've looked
that up and responded to suggestions by modifying SET statements in my
autoexec.bat file to make sure that they're enclosed by " " so that the
spaces won't affect anything).

So basically, I downloaded NetComponents' stuff (including the JAR file
necessary), and I've tried all sorts of different things--like putting the
JAR file in my ant\lib directory, making sure that that's in the CLASSPATH
(I'm in WinME...I'm pretty sure that I'm setting it right even though it's
labeled "PATH" in that System Configuration Utility), taking it out and
putting the original netcomponents folder in the CLASSPATH, etc...but
still, it generates an error when I try to use an XML buildfile containing
that ftp task error.  Please help!  The last part of the error message
with -debug turned on looks like this:


C:\antfiles\buildfile.xml:20: Unexpected element "ftp"

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