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From "Derek Matocha" <>
Subject Problem using Ant 1.4.1 on EBCDIC System
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 15:14:14 GMT
I have run into an IOException in the ant/java code.  I've spoken with the
developer of the shell script I'm envoking (which in turn invokes Ant) and
he says he suspects a problem in the guts of Ant.  Specifically he says:

My <xalantest> // XSLTestAntTask does write out a .properties file, which
it then expects the underlying test class to -load when it actually runs (a
hoakey but effective way to pass data back & forth without compile
dependencies, etc.), but it seems like the file's already been written out
fine, and the test doesn't seem to have started yet, so it must be Ant's

Anyway, here's the resulting output:  (See attached file: smoke2.out)

Any ideas?  Thanks again in advance.....

Derek Matocha
International Business Machines Corporation
XML/XALAN, Language Environment, C/C++ RTL Development
Work Number:  (845) 435 - 1706

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