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Subject Invoking ant with custom ClassLoader
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:09:03 GMT

We have multiple development environments, each running a different release
level of the ANT engine.

I am trying to write a single "gateway" interface which will read info from
a .properties file, determine the correct ANT release level for the build,
and fire it off.  I therefore need to launch ANT using a custom

The problem is, my custom ClassLoader cannot load  I get a java.lang.ClassFormatError and a
message about "Illegal constant pool type".

I'm attaching a test program.  Compile it in some working directory,
and drop a copy of ant.jar into that directory (I used ant 1.4).  Then
do the following:

     1) 'set CLASSPATH=.;ant.jar'
     2) 'java Test2'

No error.  But

     3) 'set CLASSPATH=.'
     4) 'java Test2'

and you'll see the error.  I'm running on Windows 2000.  I
encounter this problem both with jdk1.3.1 and jdk1.3.1_01.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



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