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From Garrick Olson <>
Subject RE: jpcoverage usage with cactus/junit tests
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:37:52 GMT

Here is the way I start weblogic.  If you are interested, I have also hacked
up a version of the <junit> task that launches the tests inside JProbe (not
pretty, but it seems to work).

    <target name="internal.server.tests.startserver.coverage"
            <jpcoverage home="${jprobe.coverage.home}"
javaexe="${jprobe.vm.exe}" vm="java2" warnlevel="9"
recordfromstart="coverage" snapshotdir="${build.home}/coverage"
classname="weblogic.Server" workingdir="${weblogic.home}">
                    <pathelement path="${weblogic.classpath}"/>
                <filters defaultexclude="false">
                    <exclude class="*" method="*"/>
                    <include class="com.aceva.*" method="*"/>
                <jvmarg value="-Dlog4j.disable=${junit.log4j.disable}"/>
                <jvmarg value="-Dweblogic.Domain=${weblogic.domain}"/>
                <jvmarg value="-Dweblogic.Name=${weblogic.server}"/>
                <jvmarg value="-Dbea.home=${bea.home}"/>
                <jvmarg value=""/>
                <jvmarg value="-Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=false"/>
                <waitforlogevent logmessage="Started WebLogic Admin Server"
seconds="3600" failontimeout="yes"/>
                <echo message="WebLogic seems to have started -- now
starting server tests"/>
                <antcall target="internal.nodepends.server.tests.only"/>
                <echo message="Attempting to stop WebLogic"/>
                <wlstop classpath="${weblogic.classpath}" user="system"
url="t3://${weblogic.location}" password="${weblogic.password}"

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From: Hodges, Mike []
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 11:17 AM
Subject: jpcoverage usage with cactus/junit tests
Importance: Low

We're using the <jpcoverage> tag under Ant 1.4 to check our unit test code's
coverage of our J2EE application during our nightly build. Our application
runs under Weblogic 6.0.  We use straight junit tests for most of our unit
testing, but must use the cactus framework for unit testing servlets, tag
libraries, etc. However, under Ant, the <jpcoverage> is only checking the
client side of the unit test and cannot see what is running on the Weblogic
server (which is being started using the <wlrun> task provided by the
org.apache.cactus.ant package), which is the meat of the unit test code. Has
anybody run into this before?

Mike Hodges

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