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From "Herman, Dave" <>
Subject Inter-project dependencies?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 18:06:10 GMT

How do people usually handle inter-project dependencies? We have several
interdependent projects, where building a release of project A should
include building project B and getting the latest release of its jar file in
the distribution area for project A, such as this:

            B.jar <-+
B/                  |
    release/        | (copied during A's build procedure)
        lib/        |
            B.jar --+

Some possibilities I've thought of, but none of which seem particularly
lovely, would be requiring the other projects to be in a standard location,
passing in a -D parameter to specify the locations of other projects, or
keeping a text file that in source control that lists the locations of the

How have others dealt with this?

Thanks so much,

Dave Herman

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