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From Eddie Bernard <>
Subject Adding/extending a manifest using <ejbjar>
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 00:54:22 GMT
OK, I've haven't completely given up on using <ejbjar> for my WebLogic 6.1

The reason I want to use it is that I have approximately 75 EJBs that I want
to build and the target I've created that uses <ejbjar> neatly creates each
EJB with only one target.   Using some of the other suggested methods
(which, again, I appreciate the responses) would require me to have a target
for virutally every bean and even worst add more targets if more beans are
added to the project.

Now with all tht said, I'm in the process of creating an Enterprise Archive,
but I'm having a deployment problem -- again unrelated to Ant itself.
However, after reading some BEA white papers and the J2EE specifications for
Application Deployment, it allows the addition of the name:value pair:

	Class-Path: list-of-jars-separated-by-spaces


	Class-Path: lib/my_support_classes.jar

Now the Ant-related problem... It seems that <ejbjar> extends the <jar> task
meaning that it inherits the "manifest" attribute.  If I use <jar> with my
manifest addition it works just fine.  However, with <ejbjar> it generates a
"near empty" file (actually, it has a set of cr/lf).

Has anybody else come across this problem or have any ideas what I can do?

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