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From Magnus ?or Torfason <>
Subject RE: init
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 11:18:45 GMT

> --- Jim Ray <> wrote:
> > I do most of mine like Diane.  But I usually have an init target for
> > some things like <tstamp> and I have a script that converts SunOS to
> > Solaris and changes the 5.* version numbers to the public ones (2.6,
> > 2.7, 8).
> >
> > But I usually include "depends=init" in most of the targets.
> >
> > I think it's more of a personal preference thing.
> Oh, I usually have an init-type target as well, for running tasks that
> aren't allowed outside of any target. But the original poster was, I
> believe, asking whether, now that he needs to have an "init" target
> anyway, should he just go ahead and put all the <property> tasks that he
> used to have outside of any target into it. I would say no, unless there's
> some actual need to.
> Diane

My feeling on this is that properties that the build scripts can
often be changed into two parts, a configuration part and a
"#You should not need to edit anything past this point"
part, as is often seen in make scripts.

In this case, I think, anything that can be thought of as configuration
settings (target directories, target platforms, ...) should never
be defined inside a target (init or otherwise).  Anything inside a
target should bethought of as something that
"You should not need to edit (unless you really know what you are doing)"



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