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Subject RE: Invoking ant with custom ClassLoader
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:48:37 GMT
> Subject: Re: Invoking ant with custom ClassLoader

> Absolutely.  In fact, we already do something similar to that for
> command-line and
> batch-style builds.  But now I'm working on integrating ANT 
> into an IDE
> (NetBeans,
> specifically), and so I want/need a 100% java solution.

Netbeans (Forte for Java) will work with Ant 1.4.  All you need to do is
place the ANT jars (optional as well) inside the ext directory.  I managed
to get my ANT 1.4 scripts to work using this method.  However, a proper
netbean for building 1.4 Ant scripts would be nice!

> Of course, NetBeans already has ANT integration, but it uses whichever
> version
> of ANT that comes with the IDE.  The goal is to allow the 
> user to develop
> in all
> environments without having to load multiple instances of NetBeans or
> something
> equally klunky.  So I need to make the NetBeans ANT integration
> configurable per
> environment, hence the ClassLoader issue I'm trying to resolve now.

I was pretty sure it as ANT 1.3 

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