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Subject RE: Ant for J#?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 09:31:27 GMT
If you look at the way GNU provides its compilers on Solaris, we have the
option to compile various source types (C++, Java, etc) although they all
use different executables.

ANT already has commands in for .NET in its Optional.jar.   What is the
issue with supporting ANT with J#.  Just write a Java based ANT task that
wraps the J# compiler.  The same can be done for other languages too.  

The ANT model of providing basic build functionality and then providing an
Optional.jar, for options such as .NET that possibly require a specific
operating system or executable to exist in the path, is ideal for every
language.  All it requires it to layer all of the .NET/j# compiler options
in a task - its not that difficult.

The fact that people refer to Microsoft as Microshod, etc, doesn't show a
very professional side to air an opinion.  Sure everyone is free the view an
opinion, but at least keep it adult and rational.  

The .NET system is still out there in the world, and most companies and
projects will tend to mix both Java architectures and Microsoft
architectures.  After all, most workstations are Intel based running some
version of Windows, whilst most servers are Solaris based.  You have to be
open to use and integrate all technologies.

Peter Flynn



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