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From "Broderick, Kevin" <>
Subject RE: ftp task
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:26:09 GMT
Try changing the name of the jakarta-ant-1.4.1-optional.jar
to just optional.jar, as far as I remember thats what I've
done and I've copied examples from the docs and it works.

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen Charles Huey []
Sent: 23 January 2002 06:58
Subject: ftp task

I tried posting the following question to ant-dev last weekend, but I
never got a response, and it seems like it should be a pretty easy
question to answer if you have any experience with it.  Please help me
you know the answer, because I'm supposed to meet my boss about it in
afternoon.  Thanks!

Okay, I downloaded the Netcomponents JAR and stuck that in my lib
directory.  I also downloaded jakarta-ant-1.4.1-optional and stuck that
JAR in my lib directory.

I've successfully built a couple of java files into class files, and
wanted to try to ftp them from my Windows machine onto my school UNIX
account.  I've never used command-line ftp stuff before (only SSH and
WS_FTP), so I wasn't sure about all the settings.

Anyway, in my simple build file that successfully compiled a couple of
Java files, I added an ftp tag that I found on a webpage, and filled it
in as best I could.  It looks like this (except that I took out my
password, of course):

  <ftp server=""
    <fileset dir="classes"/>


I got the following error message from ANT, b/c I obviously don't know
to use the ftp task:


c:\antfiles\buildfile.xml:21: Unexpected element "ftp"

Can you please help me learn how to implement ftp with Ant?  Thanks!

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