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From <>
Subject RE: Start/Restart
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 13:10:03 GMT

> if Target C depends on B and A and A and B succeed but C failes..
> Then the next time it is started I would like it to run C.
> Basically, if some thing fails, I would like it to skip all 
> the targets
> that have already run successfully.

But can be sure that items involved in A & B haven't changed (i.e. 
source code has been modified) before you try to run C again?

If you have Ant save some kind of target success/failed status then 
surely you could get caught out when something changes in A or B?

If you can 'guarantee' that nothing will change between the two cycles 
of Ant then maybe you will be ok. :)

I'm not sure if there is anything in the current Ant build that will 
help you, maybe you can write a custom task that saves the state of 
each target as it executes and then the Ant script can read this file 
and pick up where it left off?


Andrew Beacock
Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead
Nokia Mobile Phones

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