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From Zhendi Su <>
Subject javac: invalid flag -sourcepath???
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 00:05:59 GMT

I am trying to compile some .java files and my task looks like:

<javac srcdir="${JAVAC_SRC}/common"  destdir="${okcbasedir}/classes"
target="1.1" bootclasspath="/local/java/jdk1.1.8/lib/"
extdirs=" " depend="True" failonerror="False" >

<classpath path="${CLASSPATH}"/>
<exclude name="${JAVAC_SRC}/common/RCS/**" />


When I ran ant, it gave me an error message saying:
 [javac] javac: invalid flag: -sourcepath
    [javac] use: javac
[-g][-O][-debug][-depend][-nowarn][-verbose][-classpath p
ath][-nowrite][-deprecation][-d dir][-J<runtime flag>]

This really surprised me because I had a similar javac task before and
it worked perfect.  Also, Isn't -sourcepath a valid flag in javac?  And
this -sourcepath flag is gerenated by ant...  I ran ant using -verbose
option and the compilation argument is follows:

   [javac] Compiling 5 source files to /home/rsu/okcbuild/classes
    [javac] Using classic compiler
    [javac] Compilation args: -d /home/rsu/okcbuild/classes -classpath





cepath /afrz/crmcon/kdv7core/comn/java/oracle/apps/okc/common -target 1
.1 -bootclasspath /local/java/jdk1.1.8/lib/ -extdirs
ld -g:none -Xdepend

Anyone got an idea why?

Thanks a lot!

Zhendi Su

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