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From Ugo Landini <>
Subject execution path
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:41:15 GMT
Hi all,
I am sorry if this question is a FAQ on this mailing list, but the 
archive is actually not working:

This is my problem: I have the basedir set to ".", and the unit tests 
are compiled in a {tests.dir}, which is a subdir in WEB-INF (I am 
deploying for Tomcat).
I also need (for the tests to run) some files which go under the webapp 
directory so the test classes can find them (i copy them with the <copy> 
task), and this is all working if I run the tests "by hand" (i.e. java 
junit.swingui.TestRunner AllTests, for example ) after going in the 
right directories.
But the junit tasks in build.xml search for the files in the project 
directory starting from the basedir (which is different from the 
deployment dir under Tomcat, obviously), which forces me to copy the 
files needed for the tests *either* in the webapps *and* in the project 
directory, if I don't want the build to fail (I'd like to run tests 
I cannot setup the basedir to something different from "." only for 
specific tasks (I think also <java> task has the same problem), because 
that is for the whole project, so my question is: is there any 
workaround? Or am I missing something? (more probably)



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