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From Fred Brkich <>
Subject Oh dear: was: Antwort: Odd Behaviour ...
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 12:58:55 GMT
Hi Brian,

Thanks for your comments, but I must confess I am a bear of little brain
when it comes to Unix. Or rather I would like to be ... I dream of the
day when the latest whizz-bang techo thingy for Unix and/or Java is so
whizz-bang and groovey that I don't need a three week introduction course
(at great expense) to use it. When I don't need to worry about a zillion
and one ahem .. "environment variables" ... and so on. Ant in all fairness
is far far from this dreamt-of ideal state, though perhaps a step advanced
over good ole "make". My aim in life is to compile a bunch of files, it
is not to become an "Ant" expert ... subtle point I suppose. 

As for the "don't blame Ant" drift, well in my more tyrannical moments
I would insist that the definition of a software product would INCLUDE
the documentation that comes with it, simply in order to be able to say
that the overall product is broken if either the documentation or the
code did not perform as expected. That would stop all this weazily talk 
that developers like to use to shift blame elsewhere ... "oh the product
is fine, but the documentation is no good, don't blame the product."

:) Imagine a weapons system with a manual and a FAQ that oh well really
related to a previous version, and shit hey there's nothing at all 
wrong with the weapons system, except it fires the ejection seat
instead of the missile when the pilot hits the little green button.

Maybe there are a few Ant developers preparing for an illustrious career
in politics ... :) who knows ... 

Thanks for the insight though I'll try it ... 

> I had exactly the same symptoms. I was using my own execution environment,
> rather than the MS-Dos ant.bat file. Unlike jdk 1.1, most of the javac compiler in
> jdk 1.3 is found in the tools.jar file. The problem was solved by "simply" adding
> the jar to my ant execution classpath.
> While I (grin) derived great benefit from the learning experience, it seems to me
> that the error message is no longer appropriate to the post-jdk-1.1 era. Perhaps
> one of the developers could update the message?
> BTW, I searched the faq when working on this problem. If I (and others)
> missed finding the answer there, could it be made easier to find?
> in your environment before thinking you've found a bug or a deficiency - whatever
> product you are using...

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