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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Debug compile property is driving me nuts
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:07:29 GMT
--- Gary Lawrence Murphy <> wrote:
> Forgot to mention that one, but yes, that one works; setting the
> option explicity in the build.xml produces the -g on the jikes command
> line.  If build.xml is the authoritative ref for these options, that
> must be new behaviour because this always worked before.

Hmm, don't remember there ever being a Jikes "magic property" for debug --
there's emacs, pedantic, and fulldepend, and there used to be warnings,
which is now deprecated. But in any case...

> I was really hoping for away to override build.xml without editing.

Use a property for your 'debug' attribute in your <javac> tasks. If you've
already got a bunch of people used to "build.compiler.debug" (or
whatever), use that -- otherwise, you might want to use something like
"javac.debug".  Set a default for it, either in a properties file that
gets loaded in or in the build.xml -- then command-line defines (or user
properties files, if you allow for those) will override the default.



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