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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: init
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:23:00 GMT
--- Joe Cheng <> wrote:
> Is there something wrong with this:
> <target name="init">
>     ... set some properties ...
> </target>
> <target name="compile" depends="init">
>     ... some tasks ...
> </target>
> as opposed to doing the init tasks outside of any target, which is what
> most examples seem to do?  I moved all that stuff to an init target
> because now an "available" task needs to be part of it.

The main difference is in when the <property> tasks are evaluated --
before you added your "init" target, they'd have been evaluated before any
targets were run, so if there are targets other than "compile" that were
referencing the properties you used to set outside of your "init" target,
they will now need to include a 'depends="init"' as well (unless they
depend on "compile").

For example, if one of the properties you're defining is your build-output
directory (eg., ${out.dir}), and you have, say, a target that copies your
support files into ${out.dir}, that target will now need to depend on
"init", even though "init" may do additional things that your copy target
doesn't need to have happen before it can run (eg., your <available>

> I've been working with Ant for a while now but I'm no release engineer,
> so it's been a struggle trying to figure out what the Ant developers
> consider the Right way to do a buildfile.

I don't know that there actually is a consensus on "Right". For myself,
even though Ant doesn't really have a "scope" for properties (although the
new "inheritAll" for <ant>/<antcall> sort of introduces that a bit), I
still tend to put what I think of as "global" property-settings in a block
at the top of my build-file, outside of any target. For example:

<!-- ================================================================ -->
<!--                   ProjectFoo build file                          -->
<!-- ================================================================ -->

<project name="Foo" default="all" basedir=".">

<!-- ================================================================ -->
<!--                         Set properties                           -->
<!-- ================================================================ -->

  <property name="properties.dir" value="${ant.home}/lib/properties"/>

  <!-- User settings -->
  <property file="${user.home}/"/>

  <!-- Significant dirs -->
  <property file="${properties.dir}/"/>

  <!-- Compiler settings -->
  <property file="${properties.dir}/${build.compiler}.properties"/>

  <!-- Compile-time classpath properties files -->
  <property file="${properties.dir}/"/>
  <property file="${properties.dir}/"/>

  <!-- Test run-time classpath properties files -->
  <property file="${properties.dir}/${jdk}.properties"/>
  <property name="classpath" value="${codeline.classpath}"/>

  <!-- Product names and release info -->
  <property file="${properties.dir}/"/>
  <property file="${properties.dir}/"/>




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