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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Ant for J#?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 20:44:55 GMT

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From: "Bevan Arps" <>
To: "Ant Users List" <>; "Ant Users List"
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 11:17
Subject: Re: Ant for J#?

> Currently Ant is a superb tool for automating software builds as well as
> deployment and intranet documentation. This is in very large part due to
> it's ability to handle more than just "Pure Java".

yeah, it can deploy anything.

> I for one would be hugely in favour of some kind of "generic" compiler
> that can be configured (say through an external property file) for almost
> any compiler at all. Unfortunately, my own Java skills aren't up to
> such a task so I've kept quiet.

I am not sure that a generic 'any language' compiler is appropriate. There
is <apply> if you want to try that; the problems for a generic tool are
 -dependency rules vary so much from language to language (inputs, outputs,
when/how stuff is resolved)
 -parameter option sets vary so much

There is some work going on towards a <cpp> task which support multiple back
end compilers, but will understand the basic process for creating CPP->OBJ
files, linking, .h based dependencies etc.

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