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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject something on this mail list replying with a virus?
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 00:15:13 GMT
I just destroyed a message I got which was a response to my message about
<jspc> ,sender "system", HTML contents attempting to run a PIF file the
moment it is viewed on outlook express.

It didnt get very far before being stamped on, but I do have a fairly
rigorous security setup. Still, the fact that that one didnt get deleted
before opening meant it managed slip past my second line of defence (first
is the scanner before the inbox), [Third comes the fact that PIF is bound to
notepad on my system, along with VBS and all other elements of windows
scripting host, even though IE upgrades keeps on trying to "restore" those
settings if I dont keep an eye on it].

1. someone on this list needs to run an up to date virus scanner and fix
their PC. If you use a mac or a unix box, it aint you.

2. anyone who posts should delete replies with attachments sent from
"system"; at least if they have a windows box.

If I get the same payload in reply to this message It'll move into
quarantine till I can trace the originator; notification will be by public
humilation rather than personal email.


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