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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Antwort: Odd Behaviour ...
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:07:39 GMT
A rule I really like is from the awesome book, The Pragmatic Programmer
(recommend to everyone!):

    Tip #26: "select" Isn't Broken

(meaning that chances are problems that occur are your own fault and not the
O/S, database, JVM, Ant, etc - so look at your own code, configuration,
environment, etc before blaming something else)

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From: "Brian Burch" <>
To: "Ant Users List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: Antwort: Odd Behaviour ...

> I had a similar problem when I'd just started using ant. I suspected I
would not get
> a lot of sympathy from the community because I was using OS2. I spent a
lot of time
> investigating and eventually found a helpful posting much earlier in the
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> I had exactly the same symptoms. I was using my own execution environment,
> rather than the MS-Dos ant.bat file. Unlike jdk 1.1, most of the javac
compiler in
> jdk 1.3 is found in the tools.jar file. The problem was solved by "simply"
> the jar to my ant execution classpath.
> While I (grin) derived great benefit from the learning experience, it
seems to me
> that the error message is no longer appropriate to the post-jdk-1.1 era.
> one of the developers could update the message?
> BTW, I searched the faq when working on this problem. If I (and others)
> missed finding the answer there, could it be made easier to find?
> I agree strongly with Eric. I spent too many years working on
> C projects trying to maintain a workable/portable make environment. I was
> delighted to see how "easy" it was to migrate my java projects to Ant
> OS2 jdk 1.1 and 1.3, as well as the sun jdk on NT. Ant is wonderful, but
it isn't
> claiming to be perfect. It's always a good idea to wonder what you've got
> in your environment before thinking you've found a bug or a deficiency -
> product you are using...
> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 21:17:56 -0500, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> >The developers are here listening.  And for it being unacceptable
behavior -
> >I'd agree with you except that thousands (millions?) of Ant users have
> >successfully used Ant with JDK 1.3 all over the world. Rather than
> >Ant for something that is obviously a configuration or environment
> >on your machine - how about giving us some more details of the problem
> >your build.xml file and the complete 'ant -debug' output?
> >
> >> Hi Hauke,
> >> No sorry but the advice did not work. The system could not find
> >> either the "classic" or the "modern compilers, and therefore the
> >> build kept failing. I think this is unacceptable behaviour for
> >> a tool like "ant", but I don't understand it. I solved the problem
> >> by installing jikes and setting build.compiler="jikes". But this
> >> does not shed light on what the real problem was. Perhaps I should
> >> ask the developers.
> >> Thanks
> >> Regards
> >> goffredo
> >> >
> >> > Hi
> >> > I'm trying to do a build. I have JDK 1.3 and JAVA_HOME is
> >> > set to c:\jdk1.3. But the build fails with the odd message,
> >> > Java classic not found, suggest you set JAVA_HOME. What?
> >> > I assume that ant requires some kind of VM before it can
> >> > run ... that VM should be by default the one it uses to run
> >> > javac ... What on earth is goin on?
> Regards,
> Brian Burch
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