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Subject Re: Proper use of <uptodate> (a little off-topic)
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 22:02:31 GMT
Aaah. Out of curiousity, and without trying to start a new religious war :), could you summarize
the reasons for the rejection? Or perhaps give me a keyword that will help me hit the right
archived messages?

The multiple .properties files idea is interesting. A little ugly to manage, but the .xml
file would be clean as a whistle.

Thanks again,


>>> 12/19/01 03:02PM >>>
--- DONNIE HALE <> wrote:
> That makes sense. The only hitch is that my "determining property" is an
> environment variable. So, as you say, I have to jump through a bunch of
> <conditional> hoops to turn that into one of several different
> properties for a <target>'s "if".
> Might I propose that this would be much simpler if <target> had this
> construct:
> <target name="..." depends="..." if="" equals="prop.value">
>   ...
> </target>

That you won't get -- it's been proposed many times before, and thoroughly
rejected each time.

But, as Steve pointed out, using property files is the way to simplify the
whole thing for you (should've thought of that myself, but brain's not
working too good with this nasty cold)... So, once you have your props
files, you'd just need a single target to figure out which file to read in
and then read that one in. Eg:

  <target name="setProps">
    <condition property="propsFile" value="">
      <equals arg1="${determining_property}" arg2="val1"/>
    <condition property="propsFile" value="">
      <equals arg1="${determining_property} arg2="val2"/>
    <property file="${propsFile}"/>



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